507 - What was that?

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507 – What was that?

September 7, 2013

I have to admit, I love simple strips, such as ones inside the Pixel hom. They are easier for me to do and are a nice break from the more-detailed ones with new “sets”, like the ones I’ve been doing recently. Though, as I was gathering the locations for this issue, I started to look for the room of Ada and Max (with the bunkbeds). And I couldn’t find it. Well, not in the last hundred or so issues. Turns out the last time we visited that room was in the 200s of the strip–before we had actual floors and walls. Pretty wild! So, I did have to do a bit of editing to get that set together.

Poor Max. I think we’ve all been awoken by a crash some time or another. Hopefully it wasn’t to discover a couple of burglars!

On a side note, for our fans who follow our Relativity fiction serial, a new episode, “Master Blankard’s Pawn” is now available.

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