481 – Tense Competition


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Thanks to Jim for posting a message yesterday. I have a bad cold I caught a couple of days ago. I hate summer colds, though I guess I can’t complain about feeling cold with a fever when it’s this hot outside. :p Actually, most of the kids have a sniffle now, but I’m the one that feels like crap. But, that’s okay. I’d rather that than the stomach bug I had over the 4th weekend.

Anyhow, I hope you all are enjoying this strip. Believe it or not, a lot of this is based on the actual bake-off competitions. Well, less the wrestling pit. XD

Another shout-out. Last strip two characters appeared in the audience at the upper left of the seats. Those characters are Kat and Essie, who belong to two fellow emoticonists (smiley-artists) who I know from deviantART. I meant to mention them in the notes of that strip, but Jim posted it up and he didn’t write anything.

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