445 – Game Alert


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Apologies. Jim has noted that we’ve had a pretty rough past month. Of course, just as things settle a bit, I ended up with a brutal round of migraines/sickies. I really feel bad because I miss BMW, but these things tend to cycle. I hope that as the holidays come and go we’ll be able to get back on track…again.

On another note, we do have some upcoming fun planned. Jim and I ran a BYOC contest over at deviantART. Though the turn-out was actually far under what we hoped, we did get some very good entries. And there is a few days left, so more could come in. All the entries and the winners will be featured here on the site, so that should be fun. Also, we have a few other holiday goodies planned.

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  • Dinoclor

    Lawl. I like the crossed-out writing.