434 – We Gotta Be Sure


*** Remember, you can click on the comic image to view a double-sized/large-text version. ***

Today I actually did 3 strips. Today’s edition and 2 more for Wednesday. Thing is, storywise I probably could have done 5 strips. That is part of the challenge converting a stand-alone short story/play to comic format.

Anyhow, aside from the comic, Jim and I are still doing some tweaks to the site. We now have a section called Bitmap World LOLz. Basically, it’s a place where we can put smiley comics that don’t really have anything to do with the strip, but still fit in the general universe. We tried this before with BMW Stories, but we mean LOLz to be broader, and in this case, our first strip is a single-panel gag strip.

Another thing that will be changing at next update will be our filler comic section. We will be fixing it so that they can be navigated just like the regular strips–and hopefully all fillers will be available. Only about half are posted now in our Bonus gallery.

Getting back to the story, this has been a very fun story to write, but certainly is one of our more serious storylines…even if there are a lot of laughs involved. Of course, we try to keep it family-friendly and light, but it’s nice to have a bit more to bite your teeth into (no-pun intended).

See you Wednesday!

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