432 – Meet the Sitter


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The guest star of this strip is the original character (“OC”) of a good emoticonist friend of mine. Caly Martin goes under the username of Sparklydest over at deviantART. She is an amazing emoticonist and makes a variety of smiley creations, many of them featuring spooky, Halloween-esque themes. Be sure to check out her gallery here. I won’t go into much more about her or her character as I think I’ll just let the story play out for a bit.

As for the story, this is actually a loose adaptation of a play I wrote years ago (*gasp* like over 15 years ago), and which Jim and I produced through our small community theater company. It was a blast dusting off the old copy of the script and re-reading it. It was one of our most popular productions. Again, I’ll talk more about that later after thing progress a bit.

Really hoping to get the next strip up on Wednesday.

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    With all the humility I can muster, Brill seems like a very amazing character. :wink: